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Nearing or In Retirement
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Asset allocation models


Though it's generally recommended that you shift to a more conservative investing approach during retirement, your asset allocation still depends on your own circumstances and tolerance for risk. Ask us to help you with your choice.

While you may be tempted to invest exclusively in income-generating bonds and cash investments, keeping some money in stocks can help counteract the long-term effects of inflation. Our asset allocation models suggest ways to help balance your need for income and growth.

Your allocation will likely shift over time.

In your earlier years of retirement, your goal may be to keep a portion of your savings growing to help counteract the long-term effects of inflation. You might choose a higher percentage of stock investments. In later years, as your time horizon shortens, your risk tolerance may decline and your need for long-term growth may lessen. You might shift your portfolio toward more fixed income investments.

How you might adjust your portfolio over time.

Age 60–69
Moderate allocation
Age 70–79
Moderately Conservative allocation
Age 80+
Conservative allocation

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