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Diversified Managed Accounts


Get exposure to multiple asset classes and the expertise of multiple investment managers—all in a single diversified account. With Diversified Portfolios in Managed Account Select®, you select a risk level and leave the day-to-day investing and managing to a team of professionals.

What do I get?

  • Expert portfolio management and oversight from an overlay portfolio manager and multiple asset managers
  • An overlay manager that oversees your asset allocation and asset managers
  • Asset managers that focus on managing a specific asset class
  • Exposure to large-cap, small-cap, international, and fixed income investments in a single account
  • Portfolios based on Schwab asset allocation models
  • Ongoing monitoring of asset managers by Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc 

What are the fees and minimums?

  • Investment minimum: $150,000–$650,000, depending on strategy
  • Annual fee: 0.85%–1.10%, depending on account size

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