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Income Annuities


Convert a portion of your savings into a guaranteed income stream of payments that you can’t outlive. Outside of a pension plan, an annuity is the only financial vehicle that guarantees income for the rest of your life,1 so it could be a good choice if you’re already retired or getting close.

Turn your retirement savings into monthly paychecks.

Generate income you can’t outlive with an income annuity from Schwab:

  • Help create an ongoing source of guaranteed income.1
  • Help maintain your standard of living.
  • Cover recurring living expenses.
  • Enjoy freedom from having to manage your savings to generate income.
  • Provide income for your spouse or heirs.

Compare Fixed Income Annuities Available Through Schwab.

Ready to get started?

Request annuity information by mail or visit your local Schwab branch.

You can also call a Schwab Annuity Consultant at 888-311-4889.