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Trader Q&A: How Can Traders Help Manage Their Emotions and Impulses?

Lee Bohl on managing emotions and controlling impulsiveness in trading

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Well, one attitude I think that new traders sometimes have is they feel they just have to do something.  I mean, the markets can be an exciting place and you sort of get wrapped up in ‘I have to do something.’  ‘I see the market moving.  Right now, I have to act.’  But I think if you do that, you start forcing entries, and when you force entries often your trades are not following your rules and they often don’t work-out. And then what happens is now you’ve got a loss and you get frustrated, and now what you want to do is get right back in and make up what you just lost.  So I think you got to step back, just like you mother might have said, count to 10 before you blurt out something.  I think it’s the same with trading.  You just have to step back a little bit, wait for entries, and have a little bit of system-matic choice.


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