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Managed Accounts


With a managed account, you benefit from the expertise of an investment management firm that invests and manages a specialized portfolio based on your chosen investment strategy.

Whether you want a portfolio of stocks, bonds, or a combination of the two, we’ll help you find the right managed account—from Schwab or a leading third-party manager—to get the diversification and specialization that is right for you.

Get the right managed account for your needs.

Fixed Income Managed Accounts

  • Expert management
  • Short-term, intermediate, and long-term strategies
  • PIMCO Municipal Bond Ladder strategies
  • Investment minimum: Typically $250,000

Find out more about fixed income strategies.

Equity Managed Accounts

  • Expert management
  • Over 60 large-cap, small-cap, and international strategies
  • Focused on total return
  • Investment minimum: Typically $100,000

Find out more about equity strategies.

Diversified Managed Accounts

  • One diversified account with multiple managers
  • Built using Schwab asset allocation models
  • Investment minimum: $150,000–$650,000, depending on strategy

Find out more about diversified strategies.

Windhaven® Strategies

  • Globally diversified portfolios
  • Potential for growth in rising markets and helps limit exposure in declining markets
  • Consist primarily of low-cost ETFs
  • Investment minimum: $100,000

Find out more about Windhaven.

ThomasPartners® Dividend Growth Strategy

  • Invests only in companies that pay dividends and aim to grow those dividends annually
  • Strives to deliver monthly income, annual income growth, and long-term capital appreciation
  • Suitable for the equities portion of a portfolio
  • Investment minimum: $100,000

Find out more about ThomasPartners.

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