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If you’re looking for ways to save more for retirement or generate reliable income in retirement, consider an annuity. Low-cost annuities from Schwab provide the opportunity for tax-deferred growth and, when you retire, the option of guaranteed income to last as long as you wish—even for life.

All guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company (not Schwab).

Understanding Annuities
Learn about annuities and how they may fit with your retirement plan.

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Variable Annuities

Stay invested in the market for the potential to grow your retirement savings—with the option to receive guaranteed income for life.
Learn more about variable annuities.

Fixed Annuities

Lock in a guaranteed rate of return1 to keep your retirement savings protected and growing regardless of market conditions.

Learn more about fixed annuities.

Income Annuities

When you’re ready to retire, you can convert a portion of your savings into a steady stream of payments that’s guaranteed to last the rest of your life.

Learn more about income annuities.

Get exceptional value with a low-cost variable annuity.

Save money with a variable annuity from Schwab:

  • Variable annuities at Schwab are priced 30%–50% lower than the industry average.1
  • There are no surrender fees, so you can enjoy flexibility if your situation changes.

How much can you save?


See how much you might save by exchanging your current variable annuity for a low-cost annuity from Schwab.

Try our Variable Annuity Expense Analyzer.

Generating Income


Want to learn how to generate retirement income? Schwab can show you a variety of approaches.

Find out more about generating income.

Before considering an exchange of your current annuity, carefully consider surrender charges on your existing contract, loss of guaranteed benefits, and differences in features, costs, services, and company strength, as well as other factors that could reduce or eliminate the benefit of an exchange.

Questions? We're ready to help.

Request annuity information by mail or visit your local Schwab branch.

Find a Schwab Financial Consultant near you.

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Brokerage and insurance products: Are not deposits • Are not FDIC-insured • Are not insured by any federal government agency • Are not guaranteed by the bank or any affiliate of the bank • May lose value

Variable annuities are sold by prospectus only. Before purchasing an annuity, you should carefully read the prospectus and consider its investment objectives and all the risks, charges, and expenses associated with the annuity and its investment options. For this and other information, call Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. at 888-311-4889 to request a prospectus, or you may view one online at