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Legal & Compliance

Compensation and Advice Disclosures


Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Schwab) strives to balance the needs of our employees, our clients, and stockholders in our publicly held parent company.

  • We give employees the tools, guidance, policies, and training they need to provide superior service and consistent financial advice.
  • We offer clients a wide range of financial products developed by Schwab and many third-party providers.
  • We manage our business in a careful and disciplined way to deliver a return on investment for stockholders of our parent company.

Schwab makes money from client fees, trading commissions, interest income and also from third-party or affiliate compensation. While we seek to minimize conflict of interest and act in our clients' interests, our sources of compensation may influence both how Schwab representatives give investment advice and how those representatives are paid.

We believe it is important to provide the following compensation disclosures to help clients and prospects make informed decisions about investing at Schwab:

These disclosures may change from time to time, and updates are published on this website as they are available. To view a summary of recent changes, view the Investment Professionals' Compensation web page.

To obtain paper copies of these disclosures or any other Schwab disclosure document, please call 800-785-3965.

What This Information Means to You

Since Schwab was founded more than 30 years ago, we've been committed to serving the needs of individual investors. We believe it is important for all investors to understand how Schwab earns money—directly from individual clients, and from third parties as a result of a client's purchase of a product or service through Schwab. This can be one factor that investors consider when evaluating the products and services available at Schwab or the information and recommendations they may receive from Schwab representatives.