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  • Pacific Life

    Schwab Retirement Income Variable Annuity®

    The Schwab Retirement Income Variable Annuity® is a streamlined product designed to simplify investing. It offers two optional living benefits to provide a base level of retirement income for life plus access to your assets2 and two optional enhanced death benefits.3

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    • Three broadly diversified portfolios to simplify retirement investing
    • $100,000 minimum initial contribution at Schwab
    • Issuer: Pacific Life Insurance Company (in New York, Pacific Life & Annuity Company)
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    Short-term reserves.

    Having short-term reserves can help prevent the need to liquidate investments for cash if the market drops.

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    Guaranteed income and financial protection.

    Annuities can provide guaranteed monthly income to help meet expenses in retirement and cannot be outlived, and adequate insurance can provide protection for you and your loved ones.

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    Everyday cash.

    The advice you've heard your entire adult life—keep a certain amount of cash on hand for emergencies and immediate expenses—holds true in retirement.