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Savings Calculators

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    How much will you need to retire?

    Use our retirement savings calculator to see where you stand today.

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    Estimate the cost of college.

    Use our College Savings Calculator to see how much you'll need to save.

IRA Calculators

  • See which type of IRA you're eligible for.

    Our Roth vs. Traditional IRA Calculator can help you decide.

  • See whether converting to a Roth IRA makes sense for you.

    Use our Roth IRA Conversion Calculator to compare the estimated future values of keeping your Traditional IRA vs. converting it to a Roth.

  • If you're 72 or over, estimate your RMDs.

    Use our Required Minimum Distribution Calculators to see how much you might need to take out.

  • Have you inherited a retirement account?

    Estimate RMDs you may have to take as a beneficiary with an Inherited IRA.

Need help planning for retirement?

Consider Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium™, our unique approach that combines professional advice with automated investing.

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