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Second Act Careers: Disc Golf

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Got into the computer business really at the start of it. I was in the office every day for 32 years. And, I was always looking out the window, wishing I could be the guy working outside. I just knew I wanted to retire and do something different.

The only plan was to move up closer to my kids and build our dream house.  But no, while I was building that house, I would play disc golf.  Disc golf is basically like ball golf, except with Frisbees. I hadn't played before. I had walked around with my kids as they played, cause it was just fun. So, then we decided, you know, maybe we could get into this, maybe we could buy a property and have our own course.

You know, we weren't really sure it was gonna be a viable business and so we built it for ourselves and we did the work ourselves. It was pretty much a family thing, which was the other thing I really wanted outta this. I wanted more time with my sons-

People liked it, and we decided to start charging, and they actually paid. And then it just kinda fell into place.

I did invest heavily, as much as I could. Especially early in my career. I think that's where it's the most important. Because you get the value of money over time. I put as much in as I could, early, which was hard because we had kids but you have to do it if you wanna retire early.

I would say to other folks who are thinking about starting a second career, just be open to it. Because I had no plans. I was just gonna take it easy, travel. You know, hang out with my grandkids, but this just kinda popped up. It kinda happened. And you know, luckily we went with it.

I can't imagine anything else that would have brought us together as much as this place has.

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