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Second Act Careers: The Beekeeper

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Bees are only living about six weeks and in that time they take on a half a dozen, a dozen different jobs. So, It's a transition their entire life from one job to another.

In my first career I was a business analyst for the state. I went and literally sat down with a retirement calculator and knew to the day when I was going to retire.

Alright let’s go work some bees guys.

I started beekeeping as a hobby before I retired. If it's going to become your second act career, spending some time doing it part-time, while you've got the security of a regular job, is a great way to go at it.

We started raising bees. My co-workers really wanted honey, so I really began selling off the desktop at work to my co-workers and we did a small market in a city near here and were selling out every month when we were there. From that point, we basically just increased what we were doing to meet demand.

I'm working now really because I want to work. I enjoy the bees, the honey, the people with it.

My first career really set me up to be able to have the freedom in my second career.

the greatest benefit of working at this time in my life is it keeps me busy. I need something to stimulate me, to keep me challenged, to make me think all the time. I get bored fairly easily so I'm not going to be sitting around waiting for the next thing to happen. I'm the kind of person that likes to get out and do new things.

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