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Investing Stories: Stephanie

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It was really difficult for my family I think to understand money. The only thing that they really taught me was to save, and as it turns out there’s a lot more to understanding money than just saving.

After about four years of working 80-90 hours a week, I just wasn’t happy anymore. I had saved a lot of money and I decided I was going to backpack around the world by myself. While I was traveling I decided to start up a little blog.

I bought a nice camera that I could shoot in the different places that I was exploring and festivals were a huge priority of mine while I was traveling. I was writing about them, I was taking pictures, and I noticed that the blog was doing quite well.

People liked the focus on music festivals. From that point, when it started to gain a lot of traction, I knew it was something that I could transform into a fully running business.

We have 40 people that currently work with my team. I’ve got a mix of photographers, journalists and graphic designers.

I started investing because I saw a lot of my friends that were really successful and I wanted to know what they were doing.

What really clicked for me was realizing that putting my money into savings like I had done my whole life and like my parents had taught me to do, was getting my money nowhere.

You don’t make money by having it sit in savings. And I started to realize that I could make more money with my own money, by choosing to invest. And that’s why I did it.

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