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As in recent weeks, the on-again/off-again trade deal with China dominated the news; finally causing some sizeable gyrations in equity markets. The resulting 2% pullback and modest volatility spike introduced a healthy dose of skepticism too, allowing just enough room for the strong November payrolls to ignite the next wave higher.
While all eyes are on estimated sales throughout December, sector performance for the month is historically not impressive.
The market is a fickle beast—reacting strongly to some actions from Washington while shrugging off others. So what should investors focus on?
The media scrutinizes the Fed’s every move. But what do investors really need to know about the Federal Reserve’s impact on their fixed income portfolios?
Can trading volume indicate entry and exit points? What does it signal in different market conditions? Explore volume as part of your trading strategy today.
Analyzing Democratic candidates’ tax policy proposals and the impact they could have on the markets.
New retirement legislation is pending in Washington. Here’s what investors need to know.
Founder and Chairman of the Board Chuck Schwab joins Mark Riepe for a candid discussion about the decisions he made that disrupted the brokerage industry.
From a trade war with China to geopolitical conflict with Iran, how heavily do international issues weigh on the markets?
U.S. stocks plunged Wednesday, as weak economic data rattled investors. Here’s what you should know.
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