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On this episode of Bond Market Today, Kathy Jones explores some of the issues that come with sitting solely in short-term investments when the yield curve is flat to inverted.
There are now more than $13 trillion worth of negative-yielding bonds in the global market. Just the idea of it runs counter to logic, and yet the amount continues to grow. Kathy Jones takes a closer look on this week’s episode of Bond Market Today.
On this week’s episode of Bond Market Today, Kathy Jones discusses the Fed’s recent interest rate cut and what it means for bond investors.
Collin Martin explains why bond barbells and bond ladders are two strategies to consider when the yield curve is flat.
On this week’s episode of Bond Market Today, Kathy Jones explains how the Fed maintains its independence from political pressure.
When it comes to bond investing, it’s important to know what you own. That’s especially true with bond funds. On this episode of Bond Market Today, Collin Martin breaks down things to consider when investing in bond funds.
With trade conflict between the U.S. and China, Kathy Jones discusses China’s holdings of U.S. treasuries, and the implications it would have if they were to sell them.
Collin Martin explains preferred securities and the place they can have in a well-diversified portfolio.
Kathy Jones explains why, when it comes to diversification from stocks, not all bonds are created equal.
What is the yield curve, and why does it matter to investors?
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