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Fund Education

Certain mutual funds, their investment advisors or other service providers to the funds make payments to Schwab to offset the costs of various educational opportunities Schwab makes available through Schwab’s Corporate and Retirement Services division. In addition to the activities listed below, Schwab may from time to time make available to mutual funds or their affiliates additional educational opportunities that are not described below. 

The payments Schwab receives for administering these educational opportunities is separate and distinct from, and in addition to, the asset-based, per position, and other payments to Schwab for the Shareholder Services. The total amount of the payment by each fund will vary depending on the types and number of opportunities in which the fund participates. The educational opportunities are generally available on a first-come, first-served basis for funds available on the Retirement Business Services platform.

A. Schwab Retirement Business Services Education Opportunities. Participating funds pay for the opportunity to participate in educational conferences, seminars and other events attended by retirement plan providers and independent recordkeepers also known as third party administrators who service Plan assets held at Schwab. Similar opportunities are available for events attended by Schwab education consultants and analysts who provide customized education and information services to Plan providers, including investment education and advice tools and general financial planning education. Participating sponsors pay up to the following amounts to offset the costs of each event: 

Event Payment
NAPA/ASPPA Private Dinner Sponsorship $10,000
Accredited Investment Fiduciary (“AIF”) Training $7,500
Trust & Custody Advisory Board Meeting $12.500
Schwab Retirement Technologies, Inc. Advisory Board Meeting $12.500
TPA National Summit Sponsor $16,500
TPA National Client Summit-Lunch Sponsor $10,000
TPA National Client Summit - Exhibitor $5,000
Retirement Business News Article $6,500

The total payments Schwab expects to receive from the 17 fund companies participating in the Schwab Corporate and Retirement Services educational opportunities for 2015 is approximately $160,000.