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What Else You Should Know

Keep in mind that this website only discusses the compensation Schwab receives from mutual funds and does not include everything you need to know about buying mutual funds through Schwab. While this website provides an overview of Schwab's financial relationships with the funds, you'll want to review additional information about mutual funds before you invest.

For starters, regardless of whether you purchase a mutual fund through Schwab, another financial intermediary or directly from the fund itself, you'll want to read carefully each mutual fund's prospectus to learn about the investment objectives, strategies and risks of the fund, as well as other important information related to fund performance and fund management. The prospectus includes the ongoing fees charged by the funds (in the form of operating expenses) and any other fees charged by the funds, such as sales charges (loads) and redemption fees. And you should take advantage of additional publicly-available information about mutual funds available through securities regulators, industry associations, and other financial organizations. You can visit, for example, the educational web sites of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, and the Investment Company Institute, all of which can help further develop your overall understanding of mutual funds.

If you choose to purchase a fund at Schwab, you should be aware of fees that Schwab may charge you for investing in a mutual fund. These fees might include a transaction fee, a live broker assistance fee or a short-term redemption fee, all payable to Schwab. For more information on these or other fees relating to your Schwab account, see the Charles Schwab Pricing Guide.