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Set for retirement - or so he thought

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Rick C., age 64
Moore, Oklahoma
Married, three children, five grandchildren
"If I'd had more foresight, I might have put more of the retirement fund into bonds."

Rick's Tips

  • "Monitor the market, but don't make investment decisions in the moment."
  • "Keep some of your portfolio in cash, to take advantage of market dips."
  • "When you get a raise, increase your 401(k) contribution. It's painless saving."


  • Retired in 2000.
  • Making adjustments to budget after market downturn.
  • Can't afford health insurance, so they pay as they go.

We were set for retirement — or so we thought.

"I was 55 and my retirement fund was where I thought it should be for me to retire. I rolled over my 401(k) into an IRA; my wife and I started touring the U.S. in our R.V., taking trips with our grandchildren."

Cutting expenses to enjoy what's important.

"The market started to slide soon after I retired. We depleted more of the IRA than I expected; we are not taking a monthly draw right now. When I turned 62, I started taking Social Security; my wife started in 2007. We don't spend as much on entertainment. We use less expensive campgrounds. But we are still able to enjoy time with our family.

"My wife has a pre-existing health condition, so health insurance is expensive. We don't have it. I'm not advising anyone to go this route. I will be eligible for Medicare next year; my wife in two years. It will be a big relief when we are both covered."

Take the Next Step.

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