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Reducing living expenses for a debt-free retirement

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Bill Y., age 65
Daly City, California
Married, no children
"We drove an older car and stayed in a rental apartment for many years."

Bill's Tips

  • Set financial goals, stick to a budget, and pay down debt.
  • Find something you love and figure out how to get paid for doing it.
  • Seek retirement advice from older, more experienced colleagues


  • Made sacrifices to pay down debt.
  • Transitioned to new career at retirement age.
  • Does not intend to fully retire in near future.

Cutting back on expenses helped Bill and his wife get ahead of debt.

"We took a big step financially when we started to pay down debt. We owed a lot after my wife graduated medical school, so we set goals and made sacrifices. We drove an older car and stayed in a rental apartment for many years."

Out of the rough and still in the game.

"Now that we own our house as well as some income properties, we figured we were in a good position to stop working when we qualified for full Medicare and Social Security. So as I neared that age, I retired from my job and found a new one–golf instructor!

"We still haven’t fully embraced retirement. My wife works with a lot of older medical professionals who are still fully engaged in their practice. They tell her, ‘Why in the world would you ever retire? You’re doing your passion.’ That was probably the best guidance we ever got."

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