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Redefining retirement

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Marc B., age 58
Piedmont, California
Married, three children
"To reduce expenses, I bought a bicycle and I do half my errands on it."

Marc's Tips

  • Ask yourself what you and your family really need to have a fulfilling life.
  • Don't forget about inflation. It can easily outpace your income stream.


  • Found a way to transition from full-time work to part-time consulting.
  • Devised simple, painless ways to spend less.
  • Now has more time for himself and his family.

With an eye on retirement, Marc looked closely at his family's expenses.

"In transitioning away from full-time work, I looked at my family's financial security in two ways. One was income stream—my pension and our savings. The other was spending. I carefully assessed how we spend our money.”

Cutting back, not cutting out.

"To reduce expenses, I bought a bicycle and I do half my errands on it. My car is parked for weeks on end. We have more meals at home as opposed to eating out. For family vacations, we take camping and car trips instead of seeking out expensive vacation destinations.

"These steps enabled me to become a part-time consultant, so I can be more selective and purposeful in the work I do. It's always been a goal for me to have more time for my family, and for myself. We've realized that all it takes is planning and compromise—we can do this!”

Take the Next Step.

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