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Semi-retirement boosts retirement savings

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Joe H., 62
Mount Pleasant, North Carolina
Retired, then re-entered the workforce
Married, four children
"I'll never reach $1 million in retirement savings, but I don't have to."

Joe's Tips

  • View retirement decisions as parts of a puzzle; keep looking for the right pieces that will work for you.
  • Don't take debt into retirement; you'll need much less to retire if you're debt-free.
  • Take part-time work, look for discounts—small things can add up.


  • Joe retired at age 60, but then went back to work, giving his retirement fund more time to grow.
  • Joe looks for any way to cut spending; a lot of small savings eventually add up.

Joe didn't want to wait too long to retire. With no debt and some financial changes, he didn't have to.

I retired from the Post Office in 2006 and the Air Force Reserves in 2007, but went back to work as a security agent at a hotel. I needed something to do. With the extra income, I was able to stop withdrawing from my retirement fund. My savings have gone up since then. I also believe you should be debt-free before you retire. You can live with much less if you do. I'll never reach $1 million in retirement savings, but I don't have to.

Piecing it all together.

I looked at our spending and found many places to cut. None of them are a lot, but small savings add up. I've also downsized my primary home and I'm carefully going into the stock market. I've learned that retirement is like a puzzle with several parts; each part is different for each person. You just have to find the right pieces and fit them all together.

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