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Saving conservatively for retirement

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Shamkant N., age 63
Alpharetta, Georgia
Not retired
Married, two children
"I'm doing OK being conservative."

Shamkant's Tips

  • Make investing in a workplace savings plan a family priority.
  • Don't do anything with money that you're not comfortable with. Being conservative is OK.
  • Think about whether you will have friends in the place where you retire.


  • Sham is happily employed with no plans to retire soon; still funding retirement accounts.
  • A conservative investment style has worked for him.While he still enjoys working, Sham has a long-term plan.

“I am a professor; I enjoy my work. I have no intention of retiring soon, and my wife and I continue to contribute to our retirement accounts. In the past year we have lost money. Sometimes I think I could be a more aggressive investor, but I’m doing OK being conservative. I’d like to see the markets return to some normal level before I even consider retiring."

Young at heart.

“My wife and I are from India. Education and family values are very important to us. We sent our children to the best schools. It’s an investment in what they need to become independent. "

“After I retire, my wife and I will be staying here in our college town. You need to have your friends and colleagues nearby to enjoy retirement. And it’s nice to be around young people. They teach me new things all the time."

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