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Enjoying a debt-free retirement

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Patricia N, age 64
Florence, Oregon
Married, three children
"Whatever I earned, 10% went towards investments."

Patricia's Tips

  • Plan to pay off debt before you retire.
  • Determine areas where real estate costs less than it does where you currently live.
  • Make money go further by purchasing used vehicles.


  • After retiring, moved from California to Oregon, where real estate is much less expensive.
  • When she was working, Patricia always put 10% of her income into savings and investment.

Retiring without debt.

"I always saved: I always paid myself first. The plan was for us to pay off our debts, sell the house and downsize. We had some stock investments, which we sold at the right time. We sold one of the cars and bought a used motor home. We live well, but not high on the hog."

Taking care of others.

"My job was exhausting. I worked 80 hours a week, flying all over the country as a health care consultant. So we don't feel we need to travel so much now, except to visit our kids.

"But you never know what will happen. A neighbor's son has "adopted" us as grandparents. He doesn't have a great family life, so we spend a lot of time together. I do homework with him. Go to parent-teacher conferences. Part of the money we have in savings is his college fund."

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