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Building financial confidence

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Jette R., age 68
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Married, three children
"I joined three different investment clubs: I wanted all the information I could get."

Jette's Tips

  • Don't spend your inheritance. Keep it in an investment that creates retirement income.
  • Join an investment group; pool your research.
  • Stay involved with your investments; have regular talks with your financial advisor.


  • As entrepreneurs, Jette and her husband have created various sources of income for retirement.
  • Jette has been handling investments for the family, building her financial knowledge and confidence.

To protect their nest egg, Jette actively manages her family's real estate and financial assets.

"I've never really worked, except some part-time jobs. My main job was to raise the children. My husband owns his own business, and when he sells it, that will be our main retirement income. He has no interest in participating in any of the investment stuff. I do it all."

Getting advice from many sources.

"I joined a few investment clubs because I wanted to get as much advice as I could. My current Schwab advisor has been a great help. I also love CNBC, I'm kind of addicted to it. It's important that I have my own money; it gives me a sense of security in case something were to happen to my husband's income."

"I also have a rental house; I inherited it from my Dad. I don't do treasuries; I consider this house my bonds. My consultant agrees with me: It increases in value, it's not going anywhere. We'll consider it retirement income."

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