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Adapting investment strategy to weather market volatility

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Ron M.
Age 62
Longwood, Florida
"The best thing that happened to me was the bear market of 2000-2002."

What worked for Ron?

  • Ron was perpared to change his plan when the market called for it.
  • Ron took a hands-on role in managing his investments.


  • Ron had to make some adjustments after retiring in 1999.
  • After the volatile market of 2000-2002, Ron learned some valuable lessons.

"In late 1999 I retired with what I thought was a comfortable nest egg. Then the bear market of 2000-2002 happened. Since I relocated from California to Florida returning to work with my former employer was not a viable option."
"Three years of reduced spending and many sleepless nights, my portfolio recovered to about 90% of it's prior value. I started a CD and bond ladder over the next several years. When 2008 hit, I only had about 20% in equities. My company pension and Social Security have kicked in, which reduces my withdrawals from investments to less than 4%.”
“The 2000 bear market taught me a valuable lesson about market volatility.”

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