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Expanding retirement investments internationally

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Mark W., age 44
Seattle, WA
Married, infant son
"I like having control of my retirement funds, now that I have time to focus on them."

Mark's Tips

  • "Monitor the market, but don't make investment decisions in the moment."
  • "Keep some of your portfolio in cash, to take advantage of market dips."
  • "When you get a raise, increase your 401(k) contribution. It's painless saving."


  • He never considered investing until a colleague sparked his interest in 401(k)s
  • By investing both abroad and at home, he sees the potential to create a sizeable nest egg for his family

Seeking growth opportunities overseas

"When I was practicing law, one of my colleagues asked me what I was doing with my 401(k). My response was, 'My 401 what?' I then became very intrigued with investing and saving for retirement."

Expanding his international investments.

"My portfolio has evolved over time. When I first started investing, I focused on the US and Asia. As time went on, I realized that investing in only one or two markets was risky. I now have exposure to South America, Europe and Africa, as well. I'm a strong believer in the importance of diversification, and in seeking potential investment opportunities outside of the US. If you have the patience to wait for foreign markets to perform, you may reap great rewards."

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