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Getting retirement back on track after market crash

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David R., age 56
Clearwater, Florida
Not retired
Married, three children
"In the 2000 market, I lost 60% of my investments, a lot of which were in stocks."

David's Tips

  • Pay down debt before retirement, if possible.
  • Invest aggressively until you get close to retirement, then divest into safer plays.


  • Changed his target retirement date after a significant loss.
  • Transferring his money into safer investments as he nears retirement.

After the last market crash, David course-corrected to get back on track.

“My original goal was to retire at 55. In the 2000 market, I lost 60% of my investments, a lot of which were in stocks. It was at that point that I figured I’d postpone retirement and spread out my investments.”

Risk-averse attitudes toward savings and retirement.

“Slowly, very slowly, I’m putting money into safer investments, and instead of selling them I’m looking at them for income. I have about one-third of my money in bonds. And I have another third that is still in mutual funds. I’m usually an aggressive investor, and right now I have a lot of money in cash.

“All my kids went to the University of Florida, which has a prepaid college program. I paid for my children’s school when they were 6, 3, and 1. They saw the value of graduating from college without debt.”

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