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Retirement & Planning

Investing Basics

Investing Basics: Get Smart, Get Started

Sure, investing can be complex, but getting started doesn’t have to be. We've broken the investing basics into four steps. Understand these, and you’ll be off to a great start.

  1. 1

    Set Your Goals

    Know what you want to achieve before you invest. Prioritize your investing goals and calculate the target amount you’ll need to achieve those goals.

  2. 2

    Plan Your Mix

    A mix of investment types can help balance risk and potential gain. Choose based on your goals and situation.

  3. 3

    Start Investing

    Get started by opening your account, funding it, and picking the investment mix to to help keep you on target.

  4. 4

    Stay on Track

    Set a realistic investing schedule, with regular check-ins, and stay on track.

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