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Morningstar® Equity Research

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Schwab has partnered with Morningstar to provide a broad suite of equity research and economic commentary on Morningstar Inc. is a leading provider of independent equity investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The firm is distinguished by the depth and breadth of its coverage, transparent methodology, and investor focus.

Preview Morningstar's equity research.

A preview of Schwab’s stock research and screening tools.

The Morningstar Equity Rating™ and Equity Analyst report

  • Use the Morningstar Rating™ for stocks to quickly see if a company is worth the price that the market is asking for its shares.
  • The star rating represents Morningstar's calculation of the firm's intrinsic value relative to its market price.
  • Equity Analyst reports examine each company's worth and related investment considerations, providing Morningstar's holistic view of the stock. 
  • Sections include analyst commentary, the Morningstar Rating, and historical data.

See a sample analyst report and rating.

Read more about Morningstar's equity research methodology.

Example of a detailed stock research quote

Sector Report

  • These reports provide a bottom-up perspective on the most important trends and factors influencing equity investments and valuations for each of the 11 Morningstar sectors globally.
  • Each quarterly report addresses competitive dynamics, trends, and our outlook for specific industries.   

See a sample sector report.

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Morningstar's Pick List

  • Morningstar maintains four pick lists based on select companies that have an Economic Moat, our term for sustainable competitive advantage.
  • In addition to the reports mentioned above, Schwab clients will have access to Morning Notes, Analyst Insight articles, Analyst videos, Weekly Research Highlights.

See a sample US Pick List.

Learn more about Morningstar Equity Research.


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