Why Schwab for a source of investment income?

We'll help you build a diversified portfolio of income-generating products.

Let us partner with you to explore the many ways to fund your retirement. A Schwab Financial Consultant can introduce you to our range of products and services. Schwab's professional portfolio management solutions come with a wealth of expertise, helping you obtain an income-generating portfolio that makes sense for your goals.

Our commitment to you.

Be sure to ask about our straightforward pricing for each investment solution. From our $1-per-bond1 markup for online trades to over commission-free ETFs,2 we strive to keep costs low so that more of your money can stay invested.

Our approach to retirement income.

  • Analysis: A Financial Consultant can get to know your specific situation, including financial goals and income needs.
  • Planning: Together with you, we’ll build a retirement plan that accounts for your anticipated income needs, whether now or in the future.
  • Implementation: A Financial Consultant can recommend an appropriate mix of products based on your retirement plan and refer you to product specialists where appropriate.
  • Monitoring: You’ll meet periodically with a Financial Consultant to assess any changes in your financial situation and then adjust your plan and investment portfolio when needed.

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Browse income products

Explore income categories and select examples of our products and services:

  • Stocks

    Stocks have the potential to deliver a regular stream of dividend income that can grow over time to keep pace with inflation.3

  • Bonds

    Bonds can provide diversification, cash flow, and steady income.

  • Cash & CDs

    Cash & CDs are designed to provide liquidity and safety and to preserve your capital. Cash can fund your current spending and provide a short-term reserve to cover the unexpected.

  • Annuities

    Certain annuities can help protect your income from market volatility and provide a guaranteed income stream for life.4

Professionally managed solutions available through Schwab provide a choice of ways to pursue your income-generating goals. Here are four examples that a Financial Consultant may discuss with you:

  • Schwab Intelligent Portfolios® Schwab Intelligent Portfolios is an automated, online advisory service that makes it easy to get a globally diversified ETF portfolio. Just select “Generate Income” as your goal, answer a few questions about your time horizon and risk tolerance, and set a monthly target withdrawal amount. Then Schwab Intelligent Portfolios will build and manage an investment portfolio for you to help you get a sustainable income stream based on your goals. This service does not charge advisory fees, commissions, or account service fees.*
  • Schwab Intelligent Advisory™ Schwab Intelligent Advisory is a new approach to financial planning. First, you’ll identify your income goals and prioritize what’s most important. Then you’ll meet virtually with a Planning Consultant, who is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. Your Planning Consultant will discuss your goals, work with you to fine-tune your plan and provide recommendations for one or multiple diversified portfolios composed of low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs). You’ll come away from this meeting with a customized Action Plan of detailed next steps to help you reach your retirement income goals.
  • Fixed income managed accounts Get access to a range of fixed income strategies from respected asset management firms across the industry. Your Financial Consultant can recommend strategies based on your needs, such as municipal bonds, bond ladders, and core fixed income.
  • ThomasPartners® ThomasPartners® specializes in the construction and management of portfolios that seek to provide monthly income, income growth and competitive total returns over time. With a similar investment philosophy, the firm offers two approaches: an equity strategy and a strategy blended with equities and fixed income. Both strive to deliver a reliable source of income to help you reach retirement and have the funds you need to get through it.
  • Schwab Private Client™ Schwab Private Client is designed to consider every aspect of your overall financial picture, including retirement income. Your dedicated team will work with you to assess your wealth management needs, develop a comprehensive plan, build a customized income-generating portfolio based on your needs, and manage your investments as your financial situation evolves. Using our modern approach to portfolio construction, your team will help you choose an asset allocation with an optimal blend of growth and income.

Questions you may have:

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Q: How can I keep pace with increases in living expenses and health care?
Q: What are some safe investments that generate income?
Q: Can I fund my retirement from investment income?

Start building your retirement income plan today.

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