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No-Load, No Transaction Fee Mutual Funds

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Now invest in more no-load mutual funds for as little as $100.

Diversify your portfolio with Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource® service.

No-load, no transaction fee mutual funds allow you to buy and sell mutual fund shares without incurring a commission—leaving you with more assets to invest. And now you can invest in these funds for as little as $100 through Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource service.

  • Professional Management

    Invest in no-load, no-transaction-fee mutual funds actively managed by experienced professionals.

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Find managed mutual funds to complement your portfolio and investing goals.

  • Powerful Research Tools

    Conduct mutual fund research using advanced predefined screens or criteria you select.

Charles Schwab talks about the inspiration for an easier way to invest in mutual funds.

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Find and compare mutual funds that complement and diversify your portfolio.

Get Schwab guidance and insight, along with tools designed to help you select the mutual funds that best complement your portfolio.

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