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Variable Annuity Expense Analyzer


Variable Annuity Expense Analyzer

Find out how much you might save by exchanging your current variable annuity for a low-cost Schwab annuity1. Use this calculator to get an idea about whether an exchange might be in your best interest, then for a more comprehensive assessment, talk with a Schwab consultant at your local branch. To speak with a Schwab annuity consultant, call 888-745-9679.

There are a number of factors that must be considered before exchanging an existing contract. Among them are the surrender charges on the existing contract, potential loss of accrued living and death benefits, transaction costs associated with the exchange, the values of the new contract versus the old contract and the differences in features, costs, charges and expenses, services and company strength. You should also consider potential tax consequences. You should only consider initiating an exchange after carefully evaluating these factors and reviewing your existing contract.