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Trading Software Platform: StreetSmart Edge®


StreetSmart Edge—the latest version of Schwab's flagship StreetSmart® trading platform—features an intuitive workflow that aligns with the way you think about trading, making advanced trading software tools and charting easy to use.

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Demo Videos

See StreetSmart Edge up close with demos covering key features and advantages.

Web traders: a cloud version of StreetSmart Edge is now available. Learn more

Find the StreetSmart Edge tools that meet your trading style.

Find Opportunities – Generate trading ideas using fundamental and technical criteria.
Research and Analyze – Enhanced tools to make faster, informed decisions.
Place Trades – Submit orders from the simple to complex, including multi-leg options.
Risk Management – Automate your exit strategy or create alerts for buy and sell signals.
Account Management – Stay in control with easy access to critical order and position data.
Customize Platform – Tailor StreetSmart Edge to suit your personal style and strategy.

Traders on Trading: The making of StreetSmart Edge
Real traders share their thoughts about trading. You’ll also see how StreetSmart Edge was developed around a trader’s needs.

Your trading platform: help or hindrance?

Today's advanced trading platforms are supposed to help you as a trader. But often, their complexity makes them hard to learn and use (and even harder to master). So they end up getting in the way of your trading.

Designed for traders like you.

When StreetSmart Edge development began, Schwab designers recognized the frustration traders had with their platforms. Visiting traders in their homes and offices and observing their workflow using the platforms, they asked, "What do you need to do now?" and "How is your platform getting in the way?" They then created a platform that combines a deep understanding of traders with design innovation.

A platform that thinks like a trader.

StreetSmart Edge has an intuitive, approachable design that aligns with your trading workflow. Its integrated tools make the process of identifying (and acting) on potential opportunities more logical and efficient. Its flexibility helps it adapt to your style and skill level. And its features work together to help you monitor your orders and positions.

System requirements for Windows® users:

Component Minimum Recommended for the best service
Operating System Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or later (Touch screens and tablets not certified)
Processor Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7/AMD FX 8150 or faster
Memory 2 GB RAM 4 GB RAM or more
Hard Disk 200 MB available disk space 200 MB available disk space
Graphics/Video Memory 512 MB (External USB video devices are not supported) 1 GB or more (External USB video devices are not supported)
Internet Connection (download speed) 5 Mbps (Wireless not recommended) 10+ Mbps (Wireless not recommended)

Using a Mac® or don't meet the Windows minimum system requirements?

StreetSmart Edge can be used with our cloud-based solution. You can use the internet to access StreetSmart Edge in the cloud so the program can be used with non-Windows-based computers or computers that may not meet the minimum system requirements.1 Launch StreetSmart Edge in the cloud now or call a Schwab Client Services Specialist at 800-435-4000 for more information.

Schwab rated "Best in Class" for platforms  and tools by, 2017.