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Trading Software Platform: StreetSmart Edge®

TRADING SOFTWARE Experience the platform that thinks like a trader.

Schwab Trading Services
Man working on computer

StreetSmart Edge—Schwab’s premier trading platform—features a customizable and intuitive workflow that aligns with the way you trade. Whether your strategy is simple or complex, put it into action with the StreetSmart® platform that makes advanced tools and charting easy to use.

Advanced Features and Design

  • The approachable design of StreetSmart Edge adapts to your style and it’s flexible enough to grow with you as your strategies advance.
  • Integrated tools make identifying—and acting on—potential opportunities logical and efficient.
  • Risk management features help you more easily monitor and take action on open orders and positions.

Desktop or Web Access

  • Access StreetSmart Edge on your desktop using downloadable software, or log in over the web for a cloud-based experience.
  • Both versions include free streaming, real-time data, ability to create and save multiple layouts, customize tools, expand the platform to multiple monitors, and more.

Powerful Features for Every Step of the Trade

Explore key StreetSmart Edge features designed to help traders execute even complex strategies quickly and easily.

Identify potential trade opportunities with integrated screening and news tools.

stock and etf screener screen

Stock and ETF Screeners

  • See how a group of stocks are performing based on sector.
  • Build stock and ETF screens based on predefined strategies or your own criteria.
  • View stocks that are hitting daily highs and lows.
CNBC screen


  • Receive a commercial-free live stream of the CNBC broadcast right on your desktop.
  • Get the latest on stock markets, financials, and earnings 24 hours a day, every business day.
real-time news screen

Real-time News

  • Take advantage of breaking stock market news and get live analysis and commentary.
  • Monitor news for your specific stock symbol list or search by keyword.

Get help validating potential trade opportunities and make faster, informed decisions.

stock charting screen

Advanced Stock Charting

  • Create custom real-time charts with a robust number of studies and styles.
  • Receive intraday pattern-based strategy ideas and decision support. 
momentum indicator and watch list screen

Momentum Indicators and Watch Lists

  • Receive streaming momentum signals to better time entries and exits.
  • Monitor predefined or custom watch lists with dynamically updated account positions.
fundamental research screen

Fundamental Research

  • View fundamental metrics including company earnings, dividends, ratings, short interest, and more.
  • Get a company’s business summary, list of executives, and sector/industry information.

Build and place stock, ETF, and options trade orders within a single window.

all-in-one trade ticket screen

All-In-One Trade Ticket

  • In the same order window, trade multiple securities using a variety of order types.
  • Set up brackets and up to three conditional orders.
options orders screen

Options Orders – Basic to Advanced

  • Place a variety of options orders up to and including 3- and 4-leg strategies.
  • Buy or sell up to four different options simultaneously. View more options tools.
order status and details screen

Order Status and Details

  • In a single tool, view all open orders, plus change or cancel orders.
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Conveniently monitor your market exposure and set up real-time alerts.

order and position screen

Order and Position Tiles

  • View market exposure at a glance using special tiles that appear across the platform’s tool windows.
  • Click an ‘O’ tile to edit or cancel an open order or a ‘P’ tile to take action on a current position.
alerts screen


  • Help protect profits and limit losses using alerts based on real-time bullish or bearish signals.
  • Add multiple alert conditions to monitor, then choose how you want to be notified.

Know exactly where you stand in the market and analyze your performance.

balance bar screen

Customizable Balance Bar

  • View your intraday account values, cash balances, buying power, profit-and-loss data, and more.
  • The Balance Bar displays at the top of StreetSmart Edge® for easy reference.
account details screen

Account Details

  • Conveniently access balances, positions, transactions, order status, and more.
  • See realized gain/loss including estimated commissions and costs.

Modify StreetSmart Edge to suit your needs and link complementary tools to work together.

StreetSmart Edge screen

Custom Layouts

  • Create and edit multiple layouts to support tool combinations for different trading tasks.
  • Drag layout containers to a different screen when using multiple monitors.
  • Magnify layout sizes to fit more tool windows on a large display or reduce them for use on laptops or tablets.
Linked Tool Windows screen

Linked Tool Windows

  • Multiple tool sets can be linked to follow the same security for a faster, more seamless trading workflow.
  • Change the symbol in one tool window, and all linked tools update simultaneously.

System requirements for Windows® users:

Component Minimum Recommended
Operating System

Windows 8.1 or later (Touch screens and tablets not certified)

Windows 10 or later (Touch screens and tablets not certified)

CPU Intel Core i5 or higher Intel Core i7/AMD FX 8150 or faster
Memory 2 GB RAM or higher 4 GB RAM or higher
Disk Space 200 MB hard drive space 200 MB hard drive space

512 MB Video card or higher (External USB video devices are not supported)

1 GB Video card or higher (External USB video devices are not supported)

Internet Connection / Download Speed

10+ Mbps (Wireless not recommended)

15+ Mbps (Wireless not recommended)

StreetSmart Edge in the Cloud - System requirements for Windows and Mac users:

Component Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 7 with Service Pack 1

Mac OS X 10.5 (32- and 64- bit) or higher
Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or later (Touch screens and tablets not certified)

Mac OS X 10.5 (32- and 64- bit) or higher
Browser Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
Other You may be required to install a Citrix® application to provide the secure connection to Schwab servers.
Internet Connection (download speed) 5 Mbps (Wireless not recommended) 10+ Mbps (Wireless not recommended)

Schwab rated “Best in Class” for platforms and tools by, 2020.