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Improved trading experience on phone, tablet, and PC.

No matter how or where you trade, we’re making it better.

We're building on the momentum that began last year with enhancements to the Schwab Equity Award Center® (EAC). Everything we do is designed to make the EAC easier for you to use.

New trading features1

Easier to navigate than ever before, the new site offers expanded services and a number of new features:

  • Intuitive trade ticket walks you through the process of selling shares or exercising options, for improved efficiency
  • Trade ticket is integrated into the EAC, making it easier to take action on your grants and shares
  • Anytime, anywhere access. Throughout the summer and early fall, we'll be making accessibility enhancements to ensure that all features will be available on desktop/laptop, mobile web, and mobile app.2
  • New order status design improves review and readability of open and filled orders

Previously released updates

All these new features build on the enhancements we introduced in 2016*, including:

  • New notifications feature shows information at a glance, so you can take action
  • Quick acceptance of award agreements
  • ESPP enrollment notification (if applicable) that lets participants go straight to enrollment
  • View and access equity awards from Schwab.com
  • Redesigned and more intuitive dashboard
  • Detailed award and share views
  • All new vest date view—see the total value of your vesting shares

More enhancements on the way

Here are a few of the changes coming later this year:

  • Disbursement to brokerage
  • Foreign wire capabilities
  • Ability to transfer shares

Take a closer look at these exciting enhancements.

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Do even more with new features for your equity awards at Schwab.com.

Your company offers equity awards as part of your compensation.

New features for your equity awards at Schwab.com give you more control over your equity awards compensation.

You can manage your awards with your Charles Schwab account.

There's no charge to open a Charles Schwab account, and you don’t pay any account service fees*.

And now, with one-stop access, you can manage your equity awards more efficiently.

When you sign on, you can view both your Schwab Equity Awards account - and your brokerage account - in one place.

The redesigned dashboard is more intuitive, so navigation is easier than ever.

The Equity Summary section gives you an overview of your awards at a glance.

The new awards view clearly displays details on all your awards.

See all your vesting information at a glance with our new vest date view.

View and accept awards quickly and easily.

Want to sell shares or exercise options?

The All in One Trade Ticket walks you through the process.

Have a question?

Online chat now links directly to the Stock Plan Services team.

More enhancements are on the way, including foreign wire capability, transfer of shares, historical views, and cash balance disbursement capabilities.

If you have questions about your Equity Awards or how to navigate your awards on Schwab.com, contact a Schwab Stock Plan Specialist at 800-654-2593, or chat with us online.

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