Privacy FAQs

Schwab displays several privacy notices. Which notices apply to me?

Schwab's Privacy notices are designed based on a variety of considerations, including, compliance with state, federal and international laws and regulations. In some cases, a notice may only be applicable to specific geographic areas or categories of consumers. For example, our CCPA notice is applicable only to California residents and our GDPR notice is applicable only to residents of the European Economic Area.

Why does Schwab send me the privacy notice every year (sometimes multiple copies!) and can I do anything to stop Schwab from sending it to me?

There are a number of state and federal regulations governing the financial industry, some of which require us to send you a printed version of our privacy notice each year. We hope to provide you with a more environmentally friendly solution in the future.

What is the S.E.C. Rule 14b-1 preference?

Unless we receive your objection, Schwab may be required under the provisions of Rule 14b-1 of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as applicable, to release your name, address, and number of shares to the issuers of securities you hold through Schwab. If you object, you will not receive any corporate communications from the issuer other than regulatory mailings required to be sent to all holders, which you will receive from us. If you wish to exercise this preference, please contact us through your Schwab representative.

Where can I find answers to my questions about security at Schwab?

Schwab provides information about our security commitments to you and your role in keeping your personal information safe at Additionally, we encourage you to visit the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Resources page, where you can find a list of government and private websites providing information and resources about privacy and security, at

Who should I contact if I have questions about privacy?

Please check your Schwab statement for the most direct number at which to reach us, or call us at 800-435-4000. In some instances, specific contact information may be included on the privacy notice that applies to you.