Markets and Economy

August 19, 2022

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Schwab Market Update: Stocks Trading Lower Amid a Host of Equity News

U.S. stocks are continuing to trade lower in afternoon action, and the S&P 500 is in jeopardy of snapping its four-week winning streak.

Today's Options Market Update

Stocks lower to close out the week.

Will Rising Federal Debt Slow Economic Growth?

Over the past 70 years, rising government debt generally has been accompanied by weaker economic activity. But it's not a simple relationship.

Looking to the Futures: Equity Markets Waver

Equities wavered yesterday on mixed global economic with the U.S. seeing better than expected unemployment data but China still showing signs of a weakened economy.

Stocks Rebounded After Falling Earlier Amid Mixed Economic Data

U.S. stocks rebounded to finish the day higher following yesterday’s release of the minutes from the Fed’s July monetary policy meeting.

Market Snapshot | August 2022

Liz Ann Sonders shares her perspective on the U.S. stock market and economy in this monthly Market Snapshot video.

Will Midterms Affect Market Performance?

Stocks tend to outperform after midterm elections. Will the trend hold?

How Should Investors Respond to Higher Inflation?

We're all worried about the effects of inflation on our long-term portfolios. Here's what to do about it.

Stocks Finished Lower Amid Release of Fed’s Meeting Minutes

U.S. stocks closed out lower after the Fed released the highly anticipated minutes from the monetary policy meeting in July.

Stocks End Mixed Amid Mostly Upbeat Earnings and Economic Data

U.S. stocks ended the day mixed following yesterday’s resiliency in the face of some softer-than-expected Chinese data.