Cryptocurrency's Split Personality

March 31, 2022
Is it a currency? Is it an investment? Can it be both? Schwab's Randy Frederick joins the podcast to discuss what investors need to know about where cryptocurrency may be headed.

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Everyone has a thought on cryptocurrency. Some think it's the future. Some think it's a fraud. Some think it's just baffling. At the end of the day, investors have more questions than answers. Randy Frederick, the managing director for trading and derivatives at the Schwab Center for Financial Research, joins Mike Townsend for a wide-ranging discussion about the elusive nature of cryptocurrency, its growing popularity, the positive and unsavory ways it is used, and what the future of cryptocurrency looks like as the U.S. government takes steps towards regulation and the development of its own central bank digital currency.

Mike also discusses the many positives for retirement savers in the "SECURE 2.0" bill currently making its way through Congress; unpacks the SEC's just-released rule proposal requiring public companies to divulge information on how they are impacting climate change and how climate change could put their business at risk in the future; and considers signals the Fed is sending that it may soon speed up the pace of interest rate hikes.

WashingtonWise is an original podcast for investors from Charles Schwab.

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