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Estimate your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) based on your specific circumstances with Schwab's RMD Calculators.

For those who are 70½ or older

For those who turned 70½ in 2019 or before and have a Traditional, Rollover, SEP or SIMPLE IRA, please use our Traditional IRA RMD Calculator to estimate your annual distributions. For those who inherited an IRA in 2019 or before, please use our Inherited IRA RMD Calculator to estimate annual withdrawals you may need to take.

Note: Due to the recent passage of the SECURE Act and the numerous changes this law made to the RMD rules, this calculator should not be used to estimate RMDs for people who turn 70½ in 2020 or inherit a retirement account in 2020. An RMD calculator with updates for the SECURE Act should be available soon.

Both RMD Calculators

Traditional IRA

Traditional RMD Calculator

Beneficiary RMD


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