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What’s your Required Minimum Distribution? Run the numbers with our RMD calculator.

Have a traditional IRA or other tax-deferred retirement accounts? You may be required to take annual withdrawals, or RMDs. Use our RMD calculator to find out when and how much you may need to take, depending on your age. Questions? Call 866-855-5636.

Already a Schwab client? Log in for your RMD amount. And see how we’ve automated things to make withdrawals easy.

Once you have your RMD, what's next?

  • Automate it
    Retirement income

    Automate it

    Learn how to turn your retirement savings into a steady stream of income.

  • Talk to us
    Withdrawal strategy

    Talk to us

    Let's discuss a withdrawal strategy that includes all your retirement income sources.

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    Retirement savings

    Move it to Schwab

    Find out how easy we make managing your withdrawals.

Quick answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's an RMD or mandatory IRA withdrawal?
When do I take my first RMD?
What happens if I don't take my RMD?
Which retirement accounts are subject to RMDs?
Are Roth IRAs subject to RMDs?
Is an inherited IRA/beneficiary IRA subject to RMDs?
Who falls under the old rules for inherited IRA distributions?
Who are eligible designated beneficiaries?
Who's subject to the 10-year rule for inherited IRAs and how does it work?
Which calculator do I use if I inherited an IRA from my spouse?
How is my RMD calculated?
Can I take more than the minimum IRA withdrawal after age 59 ½?
Do I have to pay taxes on my RMD from a tax-deferred account?
Can I reinvest my RMD back into a tax-advantaged retirement account?
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