Get a pulse on real investing behaviors.

Introducing the Schwab Trading Activity Index™.

At last, there's an index that goes beyond what investors say they're doing by tracking what they've actually been doing. By following the trading activity of Schwab clients, the Schwab Trading Activity Index (STAX) can help give you deeper investing insights.

How it works.

Now that we've put one of the nation's largest online investment communities at your fingertips, there's no need to go it alone. Using data from millions of Schwab accounts, monthly STAX scores give you a useful snapshot of investor behaviors and risk tolerance for the past 30 days. It does this by analyzing the holdings, positions, trading activity, and other relevant information from real portfolios as an indicator of how our clients have been positioned in the market.

STAX trends over a 3 year period

How to use the data.

  • Follow STAX trends over time and combine with other market indicators and opinion-based research to get a more complete view of retail investor sentiment.
  • If a score increases month over month, that likely means that investors may be getting more bullish. If a score decreases month over month, investors may be getting bearish (or at least less bullish than before).

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