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6 key features of

6 key features of

6 key features of

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SUPER:          6 Key Features of

VO:                 As a Schwab client, you have access to a wide range of resources online and on our mobile app.


1 Transferring Money

2 Placing Trades

3 Managing Your Accounts

4 Customizing Your Account Settings

5 Downloading the Mobile App

6 Discovering Digital Services

VO:                 Here's a quick look at 6 of the key features that has to offer.

SUPER:          Transferring Money

SUPER:          Easily fund your account and more at

VO:                 Located under your Accounts tab, you'll find the Transfers & Payments Hub where you can easily fund your account.

SUPER:          Use the Transfers & Payments Hub to:

  • Link external accounts
  • Initiate online transfers
  • Send wires

VO:                 It's your one-stop shop for linking external accounts, initiating online transfers, sending wires, and so much more.

SUPER:          Placing Trades

SUPER:          Access the All-In-One Trade Ticket® at

VO:                 Looking to place a trade? The All-In-One Trade Ticket, located under the Trade tab, offers you versatility by letting you trade a variety of products and securities from a single location.

SUPER:          Trade a variety of products from a single location.

Enter complex orders with auto-population.

VO:                 Additionally, the intuitive interface offers auto-population and other interactive features that can make it easier to enter complex orders.

SUPER:          Managing Your Accounts

SUPER:          View your account summary at

VO:                 You can customize your Account Summary dashboard by selecting the accounts that you want to feature. Then, easily track the performance of your accounts. You can also see how much interest and dividends your Schwab accounts may have generated.

SUPER:          Customizing Your Account Settings

SUPER:          Access your account settings to:

  • Update personal information
  • Edit account details
  • Set up security alerts
  • Change your password

VO:                 Schwab makes it simple to customize your account settings. You can update your personal information, edit account details, set up security alerts, or change your password by clicking on the icon in the top right of your screen.

SUPER:          Downloading the Mobile App

SUPER:          Download the App at

For more convenience, you can download the Schwab Mobile App at

SUPER:          Use the Schwab Mobile App to:

  • Monitor investments
  • Manage all your accounts
  • Deposit checks1

VO:                 The app is easy to use, customizable, and packed with investment and money-managing features, including Check Deposit.

SUPER:          Discovering Digital Services

SUPER:          Check out our Digital Services Hub at

VO:                 Finally, you can find digital tools for making your financial life easier by checking out our Digital Services Hub at

SUPER:          Find the latest digital features and enhancements.

VO:                 There, you'll find the latest information on digital features and enhancements. Schwab features a wide variety of online tools and resources waiting for you to explore, so be sure to take advantage of all that Schwab has to offer.

SUPER:          Check out Digital Services at

                        Download the Mobile App at


                                                            Own your tomorrow


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