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Travel Notice

Travel Notice

Turning on a travel notice is easier than booking your trip. Learn how, so unusual travel transactions don't slow you down.

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Heading out of state or to a different country? 

Prevent your debit card from being flagged as potentially stolen by using the Schwab Mobile app to set a travel notice.

To begin, log in to Schwab Mobile. 

From the home screen, we'll navigate to the Notice Entry by tapping the "More": icon in the bottom right corner of any screen. 

From the list of options, tap "Client Service".

Now choose "Travel Notice".

Next tap "Add Travel".

Now that you're at the Notice Entry, the first step is to tap "Select Card or Account" and make a selection. 

Now tap the "From" window to enter the date you'll be leaving, and the "To" window to enter your return date. 

If your travel extends beyond 14 days, please call 888-403-9000.

Now tell us where we can expect your card or account to show up by tapping "Add destination". 

Search by typing the state or country you'll be visiting and make your selection.

Tap "Continue", and once you've reviewed your travel notice information, tap "Submit Travel Notice".

Secure and convenient travel notifications. Just another reason Schwab is the better place for investors. 


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