Now see your received and estimated dividends and investment income instantly.

Schwab Investment Income Summary gives you a clear, accurate picture of your received and estimated dividends and investment income to help you with planning. Once it launches, Schwab Investment Income Summary will first be available on for most clients and available soon after in the mobile app. Additional features, including export functionality, will be available in a future update.

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Making the most of your Investment Income Summary

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The new Schwab Investment Income Summary makes it easy to see where your investment income is coming from and how much you may earn in the future, so you can better plan your investment decisions. 

So whether it's budgeting retirement expenses, planning a vacation, or buying a new home, you have a better understanding of how much investment income to expect. 

Easily accessible within your Accounts Summary, the Investment Income Summary provides a visual overview of the dividends and interest across all your income-producing Schwab investments in one simple chart. 

View past earnings, as well as projections for the next twelve months, which can help you plan for retirement budgeting, major purchases, and investment decisions.

You can also drill down for information on individual accounts, and even individual holdings. 

It’s all designed to provide you a more complete understanding of the income you’re generating. 

Log in to your Schwab account to explore your Investment Income Summary today.


Toss the spreadsheets and the calculator. Now your investment income is a few clicks away.

Schwab Investment Income Summary makes it easy to see the actual amount of investment income you've earned each month, including estimated future income. Knowing this comes in handy for monthly budgeting, planning for taxes, planning for retirement, and much more.

See how Schwab Investment Income Summary can help make it easier to manage your investments.

Take the tour.

Want to see how it works? Take the tour:

  1. Log in to, select Accounts Summary.
  2. Then select Investment Income.
  3. Then select the Take a Tour link.
  4. Provide feedback via the Give Feedback link in the What's New section of your activity panel on the right.
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