Schwab works with your Google Assistant - access wherever, whenever.


Use your Google Assistant to get:

  • Performance updates

    Performance updates

    Always know where you stand in real-time and on-the-go.

  • stocks icon

    Stock quotes

    Up-to-date quotes on any stock in your portfolios.

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    Account balances

    Connect multiple Schwab accounts and get info on just the ones you want.

Google Assistant Security Image Google Assistant Security Image Google Assistant Security Image

Your account info is secure with Google.

  • Your account information is always encrypted.
  • You control which Schwab accounts to connect and access.
  • Account balances are only displayed on your Assistant-enabled screen devices and never said out loud.

Talk to Google Assistant

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    Download Google Assistant app on iOS devices or say "Hey Google, check my Schwab portfolio" on your Android device.

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    Connect your accounts and get the response from your Google Assistant.

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    That’s it! You can check your accounts anytime by simply saying "Hey Google, check my Schwab Portfolio.”

Get started using your Google Assistant.

  • Get Started. Download the Google Assistant app.

    Available for Android™ devices, iPhone®, and iPad®.

    Download on the Apple Store Get it on Google Play