CTA Panels

The Call to Action (CTA) panel is a simple and clear visual component asking the user to take a specific action. The CTA panel accepts "Cards" which supply the content to the component. 

On this page, you'll find examples for the following CTA Panel variations available to publish on Schwab.com. 

  • CTA-Panel-Centered
  • CTA-Panel-Contact
  • CTA-Panel-Basic
  • CTA-Panel-FundSpotlight


The Basic variation of the CTA Panel transforms based on the number of CTAs displayed. The CTA will show the Title, Body, Button, Link, and Details fields from the Card Content type. 

Here's an example with one CTA.

CTA Panel Centered - 1 CTA

Here's an example of the CTA-Panel with two CTAs.

CTA Panel Centered - 2 CTAs

And here's an example with three CTAs.

CTA Panel Centered - 3 CTAs


This variant is used to showcase secondary CTA contact options at the bottom of the page. It will show the card image as an icon, the title, and a rich-text body field. 

The component can take two or three CTAs, as show below. 

CTA Panel Contact with 3 CTAs

CTA Panel Contact with 2 CTAs

CTA Panel Contact with 1 CTA


The basic variant of the CTA Panel can help break up long pages of content. It shows the title and button of a Card content item. 


This variation displays one CTA, and is designed to showcase a fund or product and encourage the user to click through to learn more. 

Sample Card Eyebrow

Sample Card 1 Title

Sample Card 1 body text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed erat orci, placerat.

  • Bullet Sample