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Trader Q&A: Schwab Discusses Trading for Beginners

Schwab's Trading Services Team discusses how Schwab can help beginning traders with educational resources and personalized support.

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[Lou] All right. Heidi in Illinois. What are some good sources to learn about trading if I'm just getting started?

[Kevin] I would say us. Honestly, I believe that. We speak a great deal to clients and prospects getting familiar with trading, understanding who they are as investors and traders. And we work really, really diligently on the phones in particular and you gentlemen in the branches. You're coming out to educate and help people become more familiar with the market, familiar with who they are as investors and traders. I think that's a big part of what Schwab does. It's a big part of what we do in dedicated trader as well. And we will talk with you about the nuts and bolts of trading. But we're also going to talk to you about who you are and what you can do with your investments and why you might consider one versus another. And the truth is, you know, the more we understand about your approach and the things that drive your decision making, I think the better we're going to be able to help you understand how you should be using that to your own benefit.

[Robert] Yeah. I'll add on that. I think, when you get started, there's not necessarily a right or wrong way. There are many different paths that you can take as a trader to be successful. And I think it's trying to educate and open your eyes to, what are some of the possibilities, and then trying to find a strategy or a way to look at the marketplace that makes sense to you. And you know, different ways you can get exposed to that is, you know, call on our phone. Call our 800 number. Start talking to some of our trader brokers. You know, attend a workshop that both Lou and I put on where you can be around other clients in a branch talking about different aspects of the marketplace, different strategies, different products and different ways to think about the marketplace.

[Lou] Yeah. And that's what I see a lot of novice clients do is they'll buy into something simply because they think that stock is going to go up. But they don't necessarily know, what does that mean? Right. So they don't think, well, what if it goes up only a little bit? Or what if it really goes up a lot? Or what if it goes down? So as you go through a lot of this online education or the education we provide in the branch, we're really trying to get you to understand, why did you buy the stock? What do you want out of that trade? Or is it that long-term investment where you do want to write it up 1,000 percent? It's just going to be one very small stock out of the different sectors that you own in a diversified portfolio.

[Robert] Absolutely. The other events that I really like at Schwab are what we call our Webinars--we call them Live [on Live] events. We offer these every day where you can sit right in front of your computer and take a Webinar over various topics. And you're able to type in questions to get them addressed to go over different topics. And we teach about technical analysis, charting, options or just general strategy and risk control.

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