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Take Advantage of Notes in StreetSmart Edge

Take Advantage of Notes in StreetSmart Edge®

Key Points
  • Find out where to access the Notes tool.

  • Learn how to delete and export notes.

  • See the filtering options.

  • Learn how to add and access notes from other StreetSmart Edge® tools.

If trading over the years has taught me one thing, it's the importance of learning from your mistakes. A key part of this learning process is documenting what has worked well and what hasn't. Whether it's recognizing that trades made during certain times have less positive results than others or comparing the profitability of trades with differing exit strategies, the Notes tool can be a valuable resource for documenting and later analyzing your trading.

Where do I find the Notes tool?

Similar to other StreetSmart Edge tools, the Notes tool can be launched from the Launch Tools drawer on the upper-right corner of the StreetSmart Edge platform. Simply click Launch Tools and then select the Notes icon.

Notes toolbar

After launching the Notes tool, you'll see two tabs across the top, as well as a split frame—the upper frame has the list of notes, and the lower frame shows each particular note entry. Let's review the navigation of the Notes tool. 

Looking for support

Under the "All Notes" tab, you'll find a list of all existing notes. Looking at the screenshot above, you can see various sample notes. When you click on a note title, the row will become highlighted and the note details will display in the lower frame. To add a new note, you can select the "+New Note" button in the upper-left corner of the screen. 

Create new note

This will launch the "Create New Note" pane where you can designate the symbol and title. Both of these fields are optional, but they allow for easier tracking and referencing, so I urge you to use them. The lower section is where you can enter a note. For example, you might want to write what spurred you into action or whether your approach resulted in a favorable or unfavorable outcome.

You can also paste text from another source directly into the note section as long as it doesn't exceed the 1,500 character limit. To do this, you can use the right-click menu or the copy and paste functions—Ctrl + C for copy and Ctrl + V for paste. Once you've finished your note, click Save. To edit an existing note, click the note from the list of entries in the upper-right corner of the lower frame, then select the "Edit Note" button.

Delete and exporting notes

To the right of the "+New Note" button are Delete and Export buttons. As implied by their names, these functions allow you to delete or export notes. These buttons will be grayed out until you check the box next to one of your notes.  

Delete and export

To quickly select or deselect all of your notes, you can click on the checkbox dropdown menu on the title row to choose "All" or "None."

All and none

Because notes are permanently removed from the system upon deletion, you will be asked to confirm your deletion request.

Yes delete notes

When exporting notes, you will be asked to provide a file name so your notes can be saved.

Filter notes

The Notes tool also provides various filtering options. One option is to filter based on a symbol. This is made possible due to symbol-linking. A secondary tab will show you all the notes containing this symbol. It is often helpful to see previous notes you have taken on a security.

In the screenshot below, I pulled up MSFT in a linked tool and then the Notes tool automatically displayed my MSFT notes. You can also toggle through different symbols directly from the Notes tool by typing a new symbol in the symbol field.


The other filtering options are available from the "All Notes" tab or the "Symbol Notes" tab. One is a Timeframe filter and the other is a key word or phrase filter.

The Timeframe filter allows you to view all notes or notes within a selected timeframe.


The "Search Notes" field helps you find notes using key words or phrases. It is located to the right of the Timeframe filter. To execute a search, type in your keyword or phrase in the field and then click the magnifying glass icon or press the Enter key.


To clear a search and revert to viewing all of the notes, click the X icon.

X icon

All notes are stamped with a created and updated date. To quickly sort your notes in ascending or descending, click on the column header.

Add and access Notes from other tools

You can also add and view notes from the Account Details page, Charts, and Watch Lists. To add a note in any of these places, use the right-click menu or the Actions drop-down menu.  

Add note 2

To view whether notes exist on a specific symbol in Watch Lists, as well as the Order Status, Alerts, Positions, and Transactions of the Account Details tool, you can add the "Notes" column. Place your pointer over the Notes icon to view the note's title. You can click on the icon to access all saved notes on a particular security.

Watch list

In charts, notes are indicated with a Note icon on the bottom-right corner of the chart display, or on a specific price/time point within the chart, depending on how the note was added. To add a note to a specific price/time point, right click on the desired spot and select "Add Note." In addition, when adding notes to the charts, you can include a screen capture to better analyze the data and/or chart patterns. Notes added on charts are also displayed in the chart histogram for improved tracking. 

Charts note

Bottom line

If you haven't already tried using the Notes tool in StreetSmart Edge, I encourage you to check it out. The Notes tool can help you track what's working and what is not—and it may help you see your decision-making process in a whole new light.

For those looking to install StreetSmart Edge, click here.

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