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Screening for stocks in StreetSmart Edge

Screening for Stocks in StreetSmart Edge®

The Screener Plus tool in StreetSmart Edge offers 140 distinct screening criteria to help traders scan the universe of stocks to identify potential trading opportunities.  To access Screener Plus, click the Launch Tools menu, then click Screener Plus.

Loading an existing screener

There are over 30 predefined screeners available in the Screener Plus tool. They can be found on the left side of the tool, and are organized by category: 

  • Top volume, gainer and decliner;
  • High/low;
  • Sectors; and
  • Other screeners

Pre-defined screens already include a set of selected parameters and criteria, which you can customize further and save as a personalized screen. 

Loading a blank screener

A blank screener contains no preset criteria, and allows you to build your screener from scratch. To load a blank screener, click the  to the right of the screen tabs.

Customizing a screen

Whether starting from a pre-defined or new screen, you can view and customize the criteria by clicking on the Criteria sub-tab.

Over 140 filtering criteria are organized across the following six categories:

  • Basic, which includes price and volume criteria;
  • Analyst ratings, which includes Schwab Equity Ratings (SER) and aggregated ratings;
  • Company performance, for revenue, earnings, and growth criteria;
  • Price performance, to screen by price changes and returns over varying periods of time;
  • Metrics, to screen by dividends and Price/Earnings ratios; and,
  • Technicals 

Click the  beside each category to show or hide that sections available parameters. 

Select a parameter by clicking the box. Once a parameter is selected, a range of available criteria will appear, allowing you to further refine the desired characteristics.

Some parameters have two modes for defining them: Range or Buttons. Range mode allows you to select a precise characteristic, a comparison method, and a value.  Buttons mode offers pre-defined ranges from which to choose.

Button mode displays pre-defined ranges. Click the range you want to include. Some filters will allow you to select multiple ranges. Selected ranges will appear in yellow.

To add additional filters using the same parameter, click the  next to Add Another Filter. To delete a filter, click the .

Customizing data displayed

As you select criteria, the number of criteria matches and screen matches will update automatically. Criteria Matches refer to the number of stocks that meet just that one individual criterion.  Screen Matches show the number of stocks that match all of the criteria selected so far, including the current row and rows above.

If you would like to view certain information about a parameter in the Results tab, but not use it to filter results, check the box in the Display column for that parameter. 

At the bottom of the Criteria tab, select how many results should display and how they should be sorted.

You can rename the saved screen by double-clicking on the Tab name at the top. To save the screen setup, click Save Screen at the bottom right of the Criteria sub-tab.

Viewing and customizing your screening results

To view the results click the Results sub-tab.

You can determine how frequently the screening results update by selecting a frequency from the Update drop-down menu.

The total number of screen matches and time of the last update appear in the lower left corner.

You can make changes to the columns displayed, as well as to the column order, by clicking on Columns & Settings under the Actions menu.  

Saving your screening results as a watch list

To export your screener results to a watch list, click Save as Watch List.   

To access a saved watch list, open a Watch List tool under Launch Tools.

Right-click on the , select Open Watch List, and select the saved watch list. 

Loading saved screens

Load your saved screens by clicking the screen name from My Saved Screens. Here you can also edit your screen name by clicking on the pencil icon or delete the screen altogether by clicking the  to the right of the pencil icon.

Exporting and saving your screening results

You can also print or export your screener results to an excel file by selecting either print or export from the Actions drop-down menu.

StreetSmart Edge is Schwab’s flagship trading platform. If you are an existing client, go to to learn more about StreetSmart Edge and download the latest version.  If you are not currently a client but want to learn more, click here.

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