It all starts with a dedicated Financial Consultant.

When you partner with a Schwab Financial Consultant, your questions will be encouraged. Our answers will be straightforward.

You'll understand where your money is invested and why, how your investments are performing, and how much it’s costing you. Plus, you'll have access to expertise, specialists, and insights to help you reach your own specific goals.

It’s about transparency. It’s about accountability. It’s about taking ownership of your financial life—because the best outcomes in life come from being fully engaged.

There are eligibility requirements to work with a dedicated Financial Consultant.

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Meet with a Financial Consultant

You earned your wealth the hard way.
Why manage it the old way?

A personal relationship

  • Your dedicated Financial Consultant can partner with you to build a relationship defined by your goals, preferences, and active involvement.
  • He or she can help you choose from a variety of services based on your goals, including portfolio management, banking, retirement planning, trading, insurance, annuities, and more.
  • You’ll have direct access to experienced specialists in areas like fixed income, global investing, charitable giving, and tax, trust, and estate planning.
  • It will all be backed by our 24/7 client service and “anywhere, anytime account access” through and our mobile apps.1


  • Your Financial Consultant can work with you to create a holistic plan with specific investment recommendations and a clear explanation of the benefits and risks.
  • Your plan will reflect our thorough, disciplined approach to investing, including risk and return analysis, inflation expectations, "what if" scenarios, and careful asset allocation.
  • Your plan will reflect your priorities, from retirement income and estate planning to insurance and debt management. And you can meet regularly to keep your plan up to date as your life evolves.

Portfolio management

  • Your Financial Consultant can help you choose the right level of advice for your needs: professionally managed portfolios, specialized strategies, even customized investment advice.
  • You’ll have access to portfolio management expertise from Schwab and over 40 outside investment managers, including tax-managed, hedged equity, real estate, and income strategies.
  • Because we believe investors deserve accountability, we offer The Schwab Accountability Guarantee™: If for any reason you’re not happy with one of our participating investment advisory services, we’ll refund your program fee from the previous quarter and work with you to make things right.2

See below for important information on The Schwab Accountability Guarantee.

Are high fees draining your wealth? Gross Return: 162,889 & Net Value: 139,331 | This example is hypothetical and provided for illustrative purposes only.

We strive to keep fees low so that you have more money to invest.

Fees can have a significant impact on your portfolio. In this hypothetical example, layers of fees account for a nearly 15% reduction in value after 10 years.