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Health Care Sector Rating: Outperform
by Brad Sorensen
June 22, 2017

Schwab's view on the health care sector covers health care equipment and services as well as  pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. 

Industrials Sector Rating: Marketperform
by Brad Sorensen
June 22, 2017

Schwab's view on the industrial sector, which includes providers of capital goods, commercial services, transportation services and infrastructure.

Telecommunication Services Sector Rating: Underperform
by Brad Sorensen
June 22, 2017

Schwab's view on the telecommunications sector, including operators of telecom networks and providers of communications and data transmission services.

Schwab Live: Midweek Market Trend for June 21, 2017
by Lee Bohl
June 21, 2017

A healthy market? 

The Space Between … Tech Today Doesn't Resemble Tech Circa 2000
by Liz Ann Sonders
June 19, 2017

Since the 5% pullback in the S&P 500's technology sector some are drawing parallels to the bubble peak in 2000; which we think is a stretch.

Bond Market Mid-Year Outlook: Redefining the Borders of ‘Lower for Longer’
by Kathy A Jones
June 16, 2017

In the second half of 2017, we expect10-year Treasury yields to remain in a 2% to 2.5% range, consistent with the eight-year “lower for longer” theme in the bond market.

Schwab Live: Trader’s Outlook for June 16, 2017: Tech Sector Pullback Stays Narrow
by Randy Frederick
June 16, 2017

After another record high and a largely expected Fed rate hike, consolidation and modest profit taking at quarter-end is certainly no surprise.

Fed Raises Rates, Sticks With Plans for One More Hike This Year
by Kathy A Jones
June 14, 2017

As expected, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark target rate at its June meeting. However, the market seems less concerned about inflation than the Fed does. 

Are bonds signaling a major stock market peak?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
June 12, 2017

Does the flattening yield curve in the bond market and rising prices in the stock market reflect a fundamental disagreement on the prospects for the global economy?

Schwab Market Perspective: Goldilocks…or the Three Bears?
by Liz Ann Sonders, Brad Sorensen and Jeffrey Kleintop
June 09, 2017

Political uncertainty is having an impact on markets, but investors need to stay focused on fundamentals.

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