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Corporate Defaults: What Investors Should Know When A Bond Issuer Goes Bankrupt
by Collin Martin
February 02, 2017

With the corporate default rate rising, investors may be wondering what they should do if their corporate bond issuer goes bankrupt.

Short-Term Bonds: Why They Could Outperform As Interest Rates Rise
by Cooper J Howard and Rob Williams
February 02, 2017

Bonds with shorter durations may outperform medium-term and long-term bonds if the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates.

Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged
by Liz Ann Sonders
February 01, 2017

The Fed surprised no one and left rates unchanged; while releasing a fairly "dovish" statement, which dented the probabilities for rate hikes at upcoming meetings.

Rise Up: Dow 20k Fails to Thrill Individual Investors
by Liz Ann Sonders
January 30, 2017

With the post-election surge in stocks, and the subsequent passing of 20k by the Dow, investor sentiment expectedly surged; but individuals have become wary.

Five Reasons to Stay Invested Despite Heightened Uncertainty
by Jeffrey Kleintop
January 23, 2017

There are five reasons to stay invested despite the heightened uncertainty.

Anatomy of a Bond Bear Market: What to Look For When Yields Rise
by Kathy A Jones
January 19, 2017

With yields surging from last summer’s record lows, are bonds at the start of a long-term bear market? To answer that question, you must first determine what constitutes a bear market in bonds.

Currency Hedging: 5 Things You Need to Know
by Michelle Gibley
January 18, 2017

Hedging international stocks against currency losses when the dollar is rising can make sense, but it depends on your time frame.

Not Fade Away: Will High Consumer/Business Confidence Fade or Persist?
by Liz Ann Sonders
January 17, 2017

Most measures of both consumer and business confidence have surged post-election; with consumer confidence likely more stable and business confidence possibly more fickle.

Discount Munis: What You Need to Know About Taxes
by Cooper J Howard
January 13, 2017

Municipal bonds can offer tax-free income, but bonds purchased at discounted prices could be subject to variable tax rates.

Floaters vs. Bank Loans: What You Should Know as Rates Rise
by Collin Martin
January 10, 2017

Rising interest rates add to the appeal of floating-rate coupons, but not all investments in this category offer the same risks and rewards.

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