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Schwab Investing Brief

Bond Index Investing: Why You Should Track More Than One Benchmark
by Kathy A Jones
May 19, 2016

Bond market changes mean that even mutual funds and ETFs tracking a broad bond index could expose investors to more risk than they realize. 

5 Cases Where Out-of-State Munis Might Make Sense
by Cooper J Howard and Rob Williams
May 10, 2016

Out-of-state municipal bonds may not offer in-state tax advantages, but they could still help diversify a muni portfolio.  

The ECB’s Latest Plan: What Does It Mean for U.S. Corporate Bonds?
by Collin Martin
May 05, 2016

The European Central Bank is poised to buy corporate bonds. Here’s how its plan may affect the U.S. investment-grade corporate bond market.

Retirement Spending: How Much Can You Afford?
by Cooper J Howard and Rob Williams
May 03, 2016

What’s the right spending level in retirement? The 4% rule is a good starting point for planning, but individual considerations still apply.

Mixed Signals From the Bond Market: Something’s Got to Give
by Kathy A Jones
April 21, 2016

If you’ve done well recently by investing in high-yield and long-term bonds, take heed: It’s unusual for both to outperform at the same time.

Bond Ladders: A Useful Tool for Retirement Income
by Rob Williams
April 18, 2016

Bond ladders can help you manage cash needs in retirement, allowing you potentially to take more risk elsewhere in your portfolio.

Pension Woes: Why Chicago Doesn’t Represent the Entire Muni Market
by Cooper J Howard and Rob Williams
April 11, 2016

Pensions represent a burden on the $3.7 trillion muni market but most municipalities are able to meet their regular pension expense.

Looking for Extra Yield? The Case for Preferreds
by Collin Martin
April 11, 2016

Preferreds share characteristics with both stocks and bonds, and offer higher yields than most traditional fixed income investments.

Will Rising U.S. Debt Levels Keep the Fed On Hold?
by Kathy A Jones
April 04, 2016

Rising interest rates could add to the national debt burden, but that isn’t likely to deter further Fed hikes.

How to Build a Bond Portfolio
by Rob Williams
March 21, 2016

The bond market is large and complex, so it helps to focus on bonds that provide diversification, stability and income. 

Not Always Tax Free: 7 Municipal Bond Tax Traps
by Cooper J Howard and Rob Williams
March 10, 2016

If you're interested in tax-free municipal bonds, you might want to keep an eye out for these seven tax traps.

Is That High-Yield Bond Too Good to Be True?
by Collin Martin
February 25, 2016

High-yield bonds may look appealing, but they come with additional default and volatility risks.

Don’t Look Back: Surviving in a Low-Yield World
by Kathy A Jones
February 25, 2016

The Fed's rate increase hasn't offered bond investors the relief they were seeking, so caution remains the order of the day.

Corporate Bond Investors: Check Your Sectors
by Collin Martin
February 18, 2016

The recent drop in commodity prices is a reminder that sector risk can shake up the corporate bond market.

How Will Low Oil Prices Affect Municipal Bonds?
by Cooper J Howard and Rob Williams
February 12, 2016

Will low oil prices hurt your municipal bonds? It depends on the types of issuers and where they’re located.

Currency Wars: Is a Weaker Currency Good or Bad?
by Michelle Gibley
February 03, 2016

What can currency wars do for an economy?

Where Does the Fed Go From Here?
by Kathy A Jones
January 28, 2016

Having just raised interest rates and expressed optimism about the outlook for the economy and inflation, Federal Reserve officials can hardly reverse course just because of volatile stock markets. 

Corporate Bonds: Tread Carefully in High-Yield Market in 2016
by Collin Martin
January 20, 2016

Despite temptingly high yields, we see risks in the high-yield bond market. Low commodity prices, low liquidity and deteriorating fundamentals could lead to further price declines in 2016.

Fixed Income Outlook 2016: New Year, Same Road Map
by Kathy A Jones
January 15, 2016

Bond markets could struggle with uncertainty this year, so investors may want to avoid risky bonds. 

Municipal Bonds: After Outperforming Stocks in 2015, What's Ahead in 2016?
by Cooper J Howard and Rob Williams
January 13, 2016

Municipal bonds not only outperformed most other major bond categories in 2015, but the S&P 500 Index, as well.

Why the Chinese Currency Decline is Rattling Markets
by Kathy A Jones
January 07, 2016

The steady Chinese currency decline since last August has sent chills throughout the global markets. Here’s why, and what investors should know.

Chinese Stock Market Selloff: What’s New, What’s Not
by Jeffrey Kleintop
January 04, 2016

The Shanghai Composite’s 7% drop may not be as concerning as it first appears. Some of the weakness may be a delayed reaction to the Chinese stock market decline last July.

Know What You Own: Why Not All General Obligation Bonds are Created Equal
by Cooper J Howard and Rob Williams
December 09, 2015

The outcome of the Detroit bankruptcy illustrates how important it is for municipal bond investors to know what they own.

Investing in Bonds: Should You Choose Individual Bonds or Bond Funds?
by Rob Williams
December 09, 2015

When investing in bonds, should you choose individual bonds or bond funds? Here are a few guidelines.

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities Can Provide Inflation Protection Over the Long Haul
by Collin Martin
December 04, 2015

Although low inflation means shorter-term Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are less attractive, longer-term TIPS can benefit investors seeking inflation protection.

Is the Federal Reserve Rate Hike Mystery About to Be Solved?
by Kathy A Jones
November 12, 2015

Changes to the Federal Reserve's economic model, coupled with a strong October jobs report, suggest the Fed may finally be on the verge of hiking interest rates.

Why the Illinois Downgrade Shouldn't Scare You Away From State Municipal Bonds
by Cooper J Howard and Rob Williams
November 06, 2015

Although Illinois and a few other states are suffering financial troubles, most states' municipal bonds offer strong credit quality and relatively attractive yields.

Help Keep Volatility From Derailing Your Retirement Plan
by Rob Williams
October 12, 2015

To help lower the damage from volatility and keep your retirement plan on track, consider investing a chunk of your portfolio in relatively stable assets that can withstand wild price swings.

Preferred Securities Can Offer Opportunities for Yield-Seeking Investors
by Collin Martin
September 30, 2015

Preferred securities can offer benefits to long-term, yield-seeking investors, even if the Fed raises rates this year. 

Getting to Know Pre-Refunded Bonds
by Cooper J Howard
September 10, 2015

Looking for high-credit quality bonds? Consider "Pre-Re's."

How Has the Rise in Distressed Debt Affected the High-Yield Bond Market?
by Collin Martin
August 11, 2015

An increase in distressed debt is making risky high-yield bonds even riskier, yet investors haven't been compensated with better performance.

Currency Hedging: 5 Things You Need to Know
by Michelle Gibley
July 16, 2015

Consider your time horizon before employing currency hedging for your international stock investments.

Can Bond Funds Make Sense When Interest Rates Rise?
by Rob Williams
July 09, 2015

Short-term bond funds have turned in the best performance of any major bond fund category in the last three rate-tightening cycles.

China's Stock Plunge – What You Need to Know
by Michelle Gibley
July 08, 2015

China’s stock market has fallen dramatically. What are the implications and what should investors do?

Global Bond Investing: Why You Should Worry About Currency Risk
by Kathy A Jones
June 18, 2015

With the dollar strong and U.S. interest rates poised to rise, we explain how currency risk from international bond investing could compromise your portfolio. 

7 Reasons You Should Care That an Emerging Markets Index May Add Chinese Stocks
by Michelle Gibley
June 16, 2015

As China’s markets expand and more of its stocks become accessible to international investors, its importance in your portfolio will likely grow. 

Bond Market Liquidity Could Shrink When Rates Rise
by Kathy A Jones
June 15, 2015

When the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, market liquidity could become a problem for bonds.

Mortgage-Backed Securities: Single Security Plan for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Moves Forward
by Collin Martin
May 29, 2015

A proposal for a single common mortgage-backed security that could be issued by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac recently took a step closer to reality.

Chicago's New Junk Bond Rating: Implications for Muni Markets
by Cooper J Howard and Rob Williams
May 20, 2015

What do investors need to know now that Moody's Investors Service has slashed Chicago's bond rating two notches to below investment grade?

Surging Bond Yields: Temporary Correction or New Trend?
by Kathy A Jones
May 15, 2015

Although the steep rise in yields since mid-April looks overdone to us, yields may keep climbing as easy foreign central bank policies raise expectations for growth and inflation.

International Investment: Political Risk May No Longer Be a Reason to Avoid Europe
by Jeffrey Kleintop
May 13, 2015

As mainstream parties regain ground lost to newer rivals, the increased political stability is making Europe more attractive for investors.

Why Corporate Profits Are Falling and What It Means for the Stock Market
by Jeffrey Kleintop
May 04, 2015

With global economic growth on the upswing, we think the recent decline in global corporate profits will be short-lived. 

Corporate Bonds vs. Municipals: Which Make More Sense Now?
by Rob Williams and Collin Martin
April 29, 2015

With after-tax yields comparable to corporate bonds, are municipals now an opportunity for traditional corporate bond investors? 

Mastering Global Diversification: What the Masters Tells Us About the Markets
by Jeffrey Kleintop
April 15, 2015

As economic growth becomes more widespread, global investment diversification has become more crucial for investors.

FAQ: Tax Tips for Retirement Income
by Rob Williams
April 10, 2015

Our tax tips for cutting your bill to the IRS can help increase your retirement income and allow your portfolio to last longer.

One of the Most Important Indicators of Growth Has Turned Positive for Europe
by Jeffrey Kleintop
April 01, 2015

Loan growth is picking up in the eurozone, which could indicate more spending and hiring, and increased growth for the European economy down the road.

4 Reasons Japanese Stocks Could Continue to Rise
by Michelle Gibley
March 31, 2015

Japanese stocks deserve a look from investors for reasons that go beyond Abenomics and the Bank of Japan's quantitative easing program.

March Madness in the Stock Market: Which Factors Will Win the Influence Game?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
March 18, 2015

If we looked at stock market drivers as akin to the NCAA's March Madness, which factors would most influence the results?

The Fed, Housing Prices, Stocks and the Theory of Everything
by Jeffrey Kleintop
March 13, 2015

Should the Federal Reserve raise interest rates before the U.S. housing market has fully recovered?

Your Retirement Plan: How to Transition Your Portfolio for Retirement
by Rob Williams
March 13, 2015

Learn how a smart plan to shift your investments over time can position your portfolio to be ready for retirement.

Opportunities with Preferred Stocks and Securities
by Collin Martin
March 05, 2015

With the average yield on preferred stocks at an all-time low, investors may want to take an active approach to investing in these securities.

How to Create a Sustainable Retirement Spending Plan
by Rob Williams
February 25, 2015

To set up a sustainable retirement spending plan, we recommend tapping multiple sources of cash flow.

Global Earnings Per Share Could Rebound Soon
by Jeffrey Kleintop
February 18, 2015

After peaking for the third time in eight years, will global earnings per share continue falling, or will they bounce back?

Schwab Bond Insights: Bank-Loan Funds, Green Bonds
by Cooper J Howard, Rob Williams and Collin Martin
February 17, 2015

In this issue, we cover the risks of bank-loan funds, and explain how green bonds work.

What Changes Will New Congress Bring for Investors?
by Michael T Townsend
February 09, 2015

Even with Republicans in control of the new Congress, we think the gridlock will persist on many issues. Here's our list of key dates and issues to watch.

Don't Be Fooled by Currency This Earnings Season
by Jeffrey Kleintop
February 04, 2015

Earnings growth in Europe is expected to outpace the U.S. this year, but a critical factor is the euro's weakness against the dollar.

Eurozone Economy: The ECB Can't Save It
by Jeffrey Kleintop
January 22, 2015

Unless structural reforms are taken to address the root causes of deflation, any boost to the eurozone economy from the ECB's actions this week will likely be temporary. 

Federal Reserve: What's the Outlook for Interest Rates in 2015?
by Kathy A Jones
January 22, 2015

With inflation below the Fed's target but economic growth on the upswing, the interest rate outlook is fuzzy in 2015.

Retirement Income Strategies: 3 Key Building Blocks
by Rob Williams
January 15, 2015

We outline three key building blocks to help develop your retirement income strategies.

International Investments 2015: Top 5 Global Issues to Watch
by Michelle Gibley
January 14, 2015

If you're considering making international investments in 2015, we recommend you keep these issues in mind. 

Contrarian Investing: Be Prepared for the Top 5 Surprises in 2015
by Jeffrey Kleintop
January 07, 2015

In five areas of economics and finance, investors may want to be ready for possible surprises with a contrarian investing plan.

Top 5 Ways Chinese Consumers Are Altering Global Investing
by Michelle Gibley
December 08, 2014

As the Chinese economy transitions to a more consumer-led growth pattern, global investors should be paying attention.

Will International Stocks Outperform in 2015?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
November 25, 2014

The U.S. current account—a measure of trade and investment flows in and out of the U.S.—may provide clues to where international stocks are headed relative to U.S. stocks.

What Central Banks Have Learned About Interest Rate Hikes
by Jeffrey Kleintop
November 13, 2014

A number of economies have had to reverse interest rate hikes in the last five years. What have central banks learned from this experience?

What the “Shutdown” by Europe's Government Means for Stocks
by Jeffrey Kleintop
October 30, 2014

While the European Central Bank is prevented from enacting more aggressive stimulus, the European stock market may underperform.

How Earnings Season Is Like Homecoming for Investors
by Jeffrey Kleintop
October 15, 2014

Earnings season is a time for investors to focus on the traditional measure of value: earnings.

Retirement Income Planning: What's Your Risk Capacity?
by Rob Williams
September 30, 2014

You've probably heard about risk tolerance, but when it comes to retirement income planning, a more important thing to understand is your risk capacity.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Reform of Housing Giants Remains in Limbo
by Michael T Townsend
July 01, 2014

With efforts to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stalled this year, it will likely be 2015 before we see another attempt at reform. 

Bonds: What You Need to Know About Yields
by Collin Martin
April 10, 2014

It's not hard to understand yield to maturity and the other types of bond yields. Here's what you need to know.

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