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Legal & Compliance



We guard against unauthorized account access.

SchwabSafe® protects your account information from unauthorized access.

We display your private information safely by:

  • Going beyond login ID for authentication. We use multiple layers and factors beyond login ID and password before allowing access to your account. If we suspect unauthorized account activity, we will ask for additional authentication before permitting access to your account.
  • Using advanced encryption technology. We use advanced technology, including 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL3) encryption. This allows you to communicate more safely with
  • Using the highest level of secure certificates. We feature the highest level of Extended Validation (EV) certificate, technology that allows you to verify you are on Before logging in, look for the green web address bar on to verify our EV certificate if using a browser that supports EV. When you see the green bar, you’ll know that you are protected by SchwabSafe.

Image: Internet Explorer 7 Browser Address Bar

  • Offering you a free token. You can make every login more secure by using a token, a small device that creates a six-digit number that serves as an additional password every time you log in. A token, in essence, gives you a new numeric password each time you log in. To order a free token, call us at 800-435-4000.

Charles Schwab Token

We monitor for unauthorized account activity around the clock by:

  • Scanning for suspicious behavior. We use pattern analysis and other advanced monitoring systems to detect suspicious account activity and deter unauthorized access. SchwabSafe fraud teams scrutinize activity on, looking for suspicious behavior. This allows us to spot attempted intrusions and act on them quickly.